Dairy Info Day

7th Annual Dairy Info Day - January 25, 2018

Dairy Info Day Proceedings

Survey on NDFD of barley for silage - Nair, J., Christensen, D., Yu, P., Beattie, A. D., McAllister, T., Damiran, D., Preston, N., Fuhr, L. and McKinnon, J. J.
Stage of maturity at harvest and NDFD - Jayakrishnan Nair
How to determine the stage of maturity - Leland Fuhr
Enzymes in TMR - Basim Refat and Peiqiang Yu
Canola meal calf starters - Katarzyna Burakowska, P. Górka, G. B. Penner
Novel feed pellets and carinata - Víctor Guevara and Peiqiang Yu
Oat type and processing - L.L. Prates and Peiqiang Yu
Palmitic Acid of Interest dairy producers and processors - David Christensen and Bernard Laarveld
Do we Know the Cost of milk production in 2017 - David Christensen
Robot feeding management - Silvia Menajovsky, Keshia Paddick, and Dr. Greg Penner
         Feeding Management Strategies for Cows in Automated Milking Systems Research Article
         Evaluating strategies to improve the feeding management of dairy cows housed in automated milking systems
Refresher on photoperiod management of cows and heifers - B. Laarveld
Dry cow treatment - Christopher Luby
Monitoring TMR particle size - Tim Mutsvangwa


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